I've got an idea for the forums - how about compiling a "Garth Sessionography"? In other words, compile a complete listing of Garth's recording sessions (such as a guy named Keith Flynn from the UK has done for Elvis Presley's recording sessions - htttp://www.keithflynn.com - and he keeps the site updated when new session or song information is found).

As for Garth, when I got the "Limited Series"; "Blame It On My Roots" & "The Ultimate Hits" CD sets, I immediately wondered about the session information and when each session took place and who the players/producers/engineers were. I know the info is in the CD inserts but - it would be cool to have a site we could go to that has all of that info. I know there's the "Music Database" on here but - I haven't looked through it completely so - I don't know what type of info is there and what isn't there.

How difficult would it be to undertake something like this? What are others' thoughts about this?

And, as far as keeping this site going, I would hate to see it shut down after I just got back on here after over a decade away. :(