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Thread: Concert duration??

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    Concert duration??

    I'm trying to arrange transportation for one of the LA concerts. I'd like to make an educated guess on when I should tell someone the concert might end. I don't want to leave someone sitting in their car for hours but also don't want to be hanging out on the streets of Inglewood all alone.

    Can some of you who have attended the shows in the last couple years post about how long the whole concert lasted and where you attended?

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    I don't remember the exact times but Garth never ever takes to the stage on time. I think it's about an hour or an hour and a half after the time that is stated. I see the show is starting at 7pm in LA. Don't expect him to take to the stage before 8.30pm. Then he plays for a good two hours, maybe a bit longer. You then have to give yourself time to get out of the venue. So I think you could be outside by 11.30pm. So that's a good four to four and half hours.

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    Thank you. This is really helpful.

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    I know that when I went to see Garth in Denver, concert started at 11, Garth was on stage by about 815-830. we were back at the car by about 1100
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    I think skywise meant the concert ended at 11 rather than started.

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    Thank you to all of you who replied. The info has been helpful.

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    The concert he did in my backyard last summer lasted 6-1/2 hours. We were all pretty drunk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garthmedic View Post
    The concert he did in my backyard last summer lasted 6-1/2 hours. We were all pretty drunk

    I think his shorter shows are the best.

    Ive seen him three times over this career.

    The Wynn One man show in 2010 was a bit under two and a half hours and was amazing

    His Phoenix show in 1996 was one hour and 45 minutes was also amazing.

    When he came to NewZealand in 1994 he did a 75 minute 16 song set and it was one of the most incredible
    experiences of my life time.

    I would put it way ahead of phoenix and the Wynn.

    It was just something about it that was special.

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    So Garth sings bits and pieces of songs in the encore section of the show, but the main set its the whole song, I really like that set up, if he did the whole show like a
    encore sure you might get to hear a ton more songs, but they would be watered down, I love the format he uses.

    I wonder if it happened organically and grew into that, or if it was something planned.

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