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Thread: Tribute albums

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    Tribute albums

    I would love to see Garth do 2 tribute albums. One to Chris Ledoux and the other to James Taylor. Any thoughts?

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    I wouldn't turn away from an album, but I'd love to see just a cover or two. Blame It All On My Roots was essentially a box of tribute albums and I can't see him doing that again.

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    A Tribute album will be awesome, imgaine hearing Garth sing Randy Travis and George Strait songs.

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    I'd love to see him do a whole album of Chris LeDoux songs, but I would want Garth to make his versions truly his. One of my minor complaints about the BIAOMR set is that for the most part the covers are almost too straight forward, making some of the songs sound a bit karaoke. But again, that's a minor complaint.

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