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Thread: Will we hear it?

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    Will we hear it?

    Not to beat a dead horse...but if "Ask Me How I Know" is the next single (obviously it is), Garth: please play the song in the live show!!! In addition, Whiskey to Wine would be so easy to throw in during the Trisha set!! Cmon man!

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    Well, we found out on Studio G tonight that he will be playing it from now on!!

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    You'd think he had a new album to promote or something. Wishfully hoping to hear Pure Adrenaline as a single perhaps, then he'll play it
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    pure adrenaline.. we "heard that" with the College football thing last season... pers. opinion.

    Ask Me How I know- it's in the setlist (at least it was in Philly).. it's a great live song actually....
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