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Thread: 2nd Single: Ask Me How I Know

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    I personally don't listen to radio much anymore at least not country. I even know one of the dj's and still don't listen. If I get tired of the drone of talk radio I may turn the station but 75% of the time or more, I listen to my cds. I think a while back they had a video showing how country music today all follow the same chords or something. They put together a bunch of songs and it ran together like one song. Every once in awhile a nice song comes along but most of it disappears real quick. Even King George had a single about how they don't play his stuff on the radio. It is radios loss. These singers get a couple hit songs and then disappear. I am happy if Garth releases his music and didn't care about radio. His music will last long after some of these acts out right now. They will be the Pirates of the Mississippi for todays listeners. If they did start playing Garth on the radio, I might start listening again. I think it is funny when you look at the sales charts on Rough Stock, the older artists and more traditional artists seem to sell more copies of their albums. I prefer cds to downloading plus I don't like the way they count on-line albums. Every 10 songs equal an album sale. That seems to be wrong. If I bought or streamed 10 copies of Hello by Adele, does that mean she gets credit for an album? Just not right. Again I hope his single does well but I will continue to buy the album and gift the album.

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    They do play more Garth now than they used to in my area since he came out of retirement. The young people don't listen to radio either. They are streaming all of their stuff. So, I don't know who radio is trying to reach.

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    Garth said on Studio G tonight that Ask Me How I Know WILL be in the set list starting in Philly this weekend!

    He also teased that there may be a virtual reality video for this song. Yeah, you heard that right. Virtual reality. He wasn't sure if it'll happen though.

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