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Thread: "We're An American Band"

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    "We're An American Band"

    In December of 1993 I saw Garth at the Pyramid in Memphis on World Tour I. The closing song that night was a cover of Grand Funk Railroad's "We're An American Band". Prior to the song Garth mentioned that they were about to go overseas for the first time and wave the country music flag. At the conclusion of the song Garth ran around the stage waving the American flag.

    I've wondered for years if this was a common closer on that leg of the World Tour. Does anyone know? Did anyone else see him close with this song? I've never seen video or heard audio of a live performance of this song anywhere. Does anyone know of or have a copy of Garth and the band doing this song?

    Just curious. I've wondered about this for years. Heard the original version of the song on the radio this afternoon and it jogged my memory to bring it up.

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    He did it at the TIGB2 show, but it didn't air on tv.

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    He did it in Pueblo, co in 1993 (august/September time) but I don't remember him running around with the flag
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    I never head that song before done by Garth. Where could someone hear garth doing this performance ?

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