The Country chart still has two Garth Brooks albums in the Top 30. The Ultimate Collection moved up a notch to #4 while The Ultimate Hits dropped one notch to #28. It was nice to see some old timers like Garth and Reba at the top of the charts. I am curious to see what Garth is going o do about Gunslinger. The Boxed Set has already been certified so Gunslinger won't get any additional sales from that. I didn't see Gunslinger in the top 50 albums for the country chart so will he do a deluxe edition to boost sales? I am still curious as to how they counted the sales of the Wally World bundle of Christmas Together and Gunslinger? Did it have its own code or what? I was thinking maybe Garth should do the deluxe addition of Gunslinger in a bundle with Man Against Machine. Sell it for a low price of $10. Would up the sales and maybe attract the price conscious consumer looking for a gift and those of us who like to collect. But still good to see Garth is still selling. I'd like to see how his Sound scan numbers are doing and how close he is to 100 million in Sound scan numbers?