Just heard the interview, great question bTW!!.

I honesty think hes not going to tour this part of world, I dont think he will tour australia, he certainly wont come to NewZealand.

Im surprised he talks about the costs being double, Bruce Springsteen came here, Green day is coming, beiber is coming this week, they must have
huge shows that cost.

Again, he said hes in talks to tour Australia, but beileve me, it sounded more negative than positive.

It also appears that this will be his last tour like this, and when hes older he will do the festivals.

If Garth wont come down to this part of the world, I will be gutted if he doesnt let the public know in time. He should gives fans a chance to think "well I better
fly to the USA to see him"

Also if he doesnt, he really needs to call this a "North America Tour" not a world tour.

Fingers and toes crossed that he does add New Zealand and Australia in December. If this is not the case, I only hope he will make an annoucement to let people know in time.