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Thread: Trisha's World Tour Set

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    Trisha's World Tour Set

    After seein' Trisha live on this tour 5 times, I feel like I have heard the same songs everytime, and it's a shame. I'd love to hear:

    "Where Your Road Leads"
    "The Song Remembers When"
    ""Like We Never Had a Broken Heart"
    or even
    "Believe Me Baby (I Lied)"

    Was curious about how many different songs you have all heard on this tour from Trisha.

    I feel like I've heard "How Do I Live?" "Georgia Rain" "She's In Love with The Boy"
    "XXX's and OOO's (An American Girl), "Prizefighter" and "Walkaway Joe" at almost every show.

    The 2 unique ones I remember hearing are "Purple Rain" in tribute to Prince, and her song "Broken" from the "Passion" soundtrack when that special had just been released

    Anyone else feel like they would love to hear her do some more variety? and what other songs have you heard her do?

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    hmm- of the 3 shows I went to in Denver, I heard nothing except those songs (but dangit, didn't get to hear Walkaway joe that's one of her songs that I actually really like...

    I'd love to hear/see more variety certainly- in both TY AND Garth... but whatcha gonna do
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    She sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow at two or three of the Orlando shows.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paula View Post
    She sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow at two or three of the Orlando shows.

    I would have loved to and heard that! and Walkaway Joe was during encore at Garth's request.

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