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Thread: GB.com store updated

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    GB.com store updated

    The store on GarthBrooks.com has been updated with a few sales, and new items, if you haven't checked in a while and like that sort of thing!

    The new design posters are available for pre order for Memphis and Cinn as well, following in the Gunslinger theme.

    Also there are a few new shirts, a jacket, blanket, as well as things specifically for Christmas Together (shirts/magnets) and a few ornaments.

    I picked up a blanket for a holiday gift, since it said they were limited run.


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    Are they selling ugly Christmas sweaters?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    Are they selling ugly Christmas sweaters?
    Yes, there is one there.


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    hmm- gotta go take a look

    Ok, looked at the site- I like the new stuff- I'd totally get the rain jacket and/or the blanket, and the christmas ornament too if I had the $
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