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Thanks to all who tried my suggested running order, I got bored one night and decided I'd spell out why I made the changes I did.

1. He Really Loves You- I tried putting this song in so many different spots and to me, it just can’t follow any song on the album. The song immediately makes you pay attention. I played the album countless times and every time I said to myself, this is in the wrong spot. When the song takes off, it sets the tone for the whole album, it changes everything. Like Standing Outside the Fire, Why Ain’t I Running or We Shall Be Free. This needs to be first.

2. Weekend- Stays where its at, though it's a curious pick, most second songs are serious…except for Sevens and the original release of Scarecrow, following that mold though of Why Ain’t I Running coming first and it being followed by Beer Run, the songs fits fine here.

3. Honky-Tonk Somewhere- Listen, I get it, I know why he put it first, it does feel like this song kicks off the album, but that’s exactly why it should be moved. The third spot in Garth albums are generally reserved for playful songs. Mr Right from The Chase, Two of a Kind from No Fences Wrapped Up in You from Scarecrow. Also, I feel by opening with two contemporary numbers and then switching to a classic country feel, it sends a message like…I can still do this.

4. Whiskey to Wine-Just an affirmation of HonkyTonk, says I’m still country guys, try questioning me. Also, fourth spots are classic country spots, AHBA from In Pieces, I Don’t Have to Wonder from Sevens and my fav Every Now and Then from The Chase. And yes, we are getting a lot of Trisha, but she is so good on this song.

5. Baby, Let’s Get Lay Down and Dance- Still a country feel, but also pulling back to a contemporary feel. The fifth spot is usually reserved for playful light songs, Two Pina Coladas from Sevens, Friends In Low Places on No Fences. I know some people have their reservations about this song, but I imagine the characters from Ain’t Goin’ Down in this song, like this is what the dude would of said to her….

6. Ask Me How I Know-I hated this song in the third spot, it pulled me out of the experience each and every time, the sixth or seventh spots on his albums are usually reserved for songs like this, like Fit for A King from Sevens or Beaches of Cheyenne from Fresh Horses or Wild Horses from No Fences and it being placed later allows me to fully appreciate it.

7. Bang, Bang- Song is growing on me, and it belongs in the seventh spot which is usually either a serious song or a playful song like Ain’t Goin’ Down. I hope he doesn’t record a song like this again, but it reaffirms this is a party album as the next song will show as well.

8. Pure Adrenaline- Classic like Do What You Gotta Do from Sevens or Its Midnight Cinderella from Fresh Horses, placed later in the album to lighten it up before we get serious, like Fish From Man Against Machine. This song grew on me, I like the addition of the horns, but I agree with Rolling Stone’s review, this is too much punch into a lifeless song. As for sequencing Bang,Bang and Adrenaline together, it just feels right. I tried throwing Cowboys and Friends one spot up but that 9th spot screams for a slower feeling song.

9. Cowboys and Friends- Classic cowboy position, Night Riders Lament from The Chase or Lonesome Dove from Ropin’ The Wind, also a song that had to grow on me. One part of me calls the lyrics extremely lazy but I love how he delivers them.

10. 8Teen- Garth’s fav, stays where it is.

Thanks again for reading and indulging.
The way you're describing how you did your tracklisting and bringing up some some great points to boot makes me wonder who was in charge of track sequencing (because I don't know if it's the mixer or not). But if I were Garth and a fan were to give me your tracklisting and description, I would've had that sequencer fired in a heartbeat.

But that's just me talking because I don't think Garth likes to fire a lot of people unless they give him a good excuse.