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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Trout View Post
    I would also say the same goes for Faith Hill (when was Faith's last CD released? Seems like forever!) & Trisha and other country singers back during the late 1980s/early-1990s such as Marty Stuart, Patty Loveless, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, etc. Marty's lead guitar player, Kenny Vaughan, had a great term that he used for those artists whose popularity had come and was either gone or fading and I think it was "artistically viable"??? Meaning that radio no longer played them regularly like they did back when they were, to use Marty's term, "chasing hits."
    I think that's a great way of putting it- 'artistically viable'... Garth's (I'm somewhat conviced) relegated somewhat to nostalgia... he's important but not as much as he was before he left. .. his somewhat stubborn ways have relegated his 'comeback' to not what it could be... (the nostalgia factor in a tour.. I know I use them all the time but look at how huge the KISS reunion tour was in 1996-1997.. HUGE..) same w/ garth's tour.. law of diminishing returns I think.. if he doesn't' give peeps a reason to come back and back.. they'l stop... radio isn't what it was.. he needs to change his thinking some. he's done some of that.. (albeit in his own dinosaur way).. but don't know how much he still needs to do if anything..

    Out of that list I just posted, I think that Alan Jackson is the only one who is still making great music and still has a fairly good chart presence - and that's nearly thirty years after being in the business (1989). There's no way I see guys like Blake Shelton, Kip Moore, Eric Church even having a career last that long due to the "bro-country" movement.
    I guess we'll have to wait and see but I don't know if I see any on your list here (MAYBE blake shelton to an extent but even not him really) having much of a long term career/impact. not on the order of what some of their 'predecessors' have done ...

    (lol some might say - did ANY of the artists you mentioned in your post make "GREAT" music? (hey I like some of Faith's early stuff, marty had a few good songs, patty loveless too. Clint and Travis were good for a while (haven't ever been a huge TY fan...) Alan Jackson- good music, but he was boring as heck in concert... ... not as bad as john anderson, but still bad
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    I like it. Kind of like when Disturbed did "Sound of Silence"
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