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Thread: Trisha Scores Her First Christian Hit Song

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    Trisha Scores Her First Christian Hit Song

    Broken is # 48 on the Christian charts.


    Congratulations to one of the greatest vocalists of all time!
    #1 Trisha Fan on Planet Garth (But I do love the G-Man too!)

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    Debuting @ #48 is a so-so debut. However, I'm happy that she's still got a career in the music business after all these years.

    (My comment isn't meant to be snarky or rude - it's just that, in today's world of country music, it's hard to keep a career unless you "go with the flow" of what Nashville is doing - such as the crappy "bro-country" movement).

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    I heard it said, by someone pretty familiar with the country music industry, that "Garth is his own label." If it is true that he's doing his own marketing / distribution, or whatever they call it, maybe whatever he's doing for his music, he should do for Trisha's, too? So she doesn't have the issues with records labels she's had before.

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