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Thread: Garth's broken phone

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    Garth's broken phone

    Per Garth's Facebook he has fried his phone. According to the post on Facebook he has had it worked on.

    I wonder if he has tried to have IBAS look at it (ibas.no). In the US i think they are called Krollontrack - http://www.krollontrack.com/data-recovery/

    Last I checked Garth had an Iphone. I know that company does Iphones. If they are not able to recover data, then they should be considered lost... If he has not tried them, he will most likely be able to recover data. Unfortenately I do not have access to Garth's people, so I can tell him where to have the data renovered...

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    You could always post it on his FB page- he does see it, and sometimes responds!
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