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Thread: friends in low places !!!!

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    Just heard on 99.5 The Wolf in Dallas the morning show talking about this new version of FILP with a clip of Garth talking about how cool it was to hear the different artists (especially George) seeing it.

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    I was thinking about this the other day. A year ago, the songwriters on No Fences apparently gladly consented to lower royalties for the digital bundle, but rejected a proposal for lower royalties for a 25th Anniversary release of the album on CD?

    What does everyone think happened during this past year that made them pull back?

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    Not sure if this means anything , but the Country Music hall of fame just posted an article about the new friends in low places today .. Maybe it will see the light of day !
    In the land, of the midnight sun!

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    Hopefully they will release it on xmas day!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wimpy77 View Post
    ElectricOukast if you're in mid 30's or older, country radio isn't for you and they really don't care if your demographic likes it or not. Just admit it and move on. Nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you listen to anything. You sound like an old crouch. I think the saving country music blog is for you because all they do is ***** and complain. I don't particular like it either but I know who that music is intended for and it's not me but I'm also not going to waste my time *****ing and complaining either.
    I know it's an old topic but I gotta address something on here, I can understand you not agreeing with me on my opinions on this matter but if you're gonna make **** up about my age then we're gonna have a serious problem here. I made it abundantly clear in the past that I was born a month before Garth's first album came out and was not even 2 months old when Keith Whitley died, so I got three years left before I even remotely turn thirty yet.

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