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Thread: Amazon Smile

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    Amazon Smile

    Not sure how many people know about this one, maybe I'm the one who's behind the times, but if you shop on Amazon at all, amazonsmile.com has you sign up and then you are able to pick a charity to support. A percentage of your payment on eligible purchases goes to the charity you have chosen, and Garth's Teammates for Kids is one of the charities you can choose from! I recently bought Trisha's cookbook and some other things from there, and most of them qualified for the donation! It's not a huge percent, but as we all know with Teammates "100 % of all money goes to the kids. That's not the goal... it's the rule!" So every penny counts!
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    I agree with you, it's not a lot, but every little bit counts and it makes me feel a little better about splurging on something when I use Amazon Smile

    I also like that there's an ad for it on teammatesforkids.net it's nice to know that they are encouraging people to use it.

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