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Thread: Garth has no regrets regarding Chris Gaines

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    Garth has no regrets regarding Chris Gaines

    Garth was asked about Chris Gaines in his Buffalo press conference.

    “I love the music, and that’s what it’s all about,” Brooks told The Boot and other media members during a recent press conference in Buffalo, N.Y. “Would I love to do a second one? Sure. Would I ever drop that much weight again? I don’t think I could.”


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    I am glad he doesn't regret it. I have always loved that album and I was sorry he got so much crap for it.
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    I'm glad he doesn't regret it, but I'll also say I hope he doesn't 'revisit' it- It's something I feel that would damage his legacy and be laughed at more than it would be visionary and a great project.. it failed, we all make mistakes, let a 'sleeping dog' lie...
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    I still listen to "That's the Way I Remember it" and "Driftin Away" fairly frequently.

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    Some of the songs are fantastic. I had a funny story about that album. When the first video came out here in the UK, I had Garth's promoter here (Tony Byworth) contact me to ask me a question. He said, 'That video. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm having people call me and say it isn't Garth in it. Have you seen it and if so can you confirm that it is Garth so that I can tell them it definitely is?' Of course I had and could. I thought that was pretty ironic

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