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Thread: Meet and Greet

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    Meet and Greet

    Does anyone know of any meet and greets or any other way to meet Garth? Going to one of the Buffalo shows, as well as others as he gets closer to me, and want to finally meet him. This may be useful to other fans in other cities if you know of ways in those cities too. Please help!

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    as far as I know, there are no meet and greets, ala what other artists do/have done..
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    I have noticed as well, but looking for other ways to meet him, ie radio station spots, charity events, etc

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    When Garth was in Boston all the local radio stations gave out tickets and meet and greet passes for the Friday show. It seems like one of the nights has a meet and greet with a ton of people getting to meet Garth and Trisha. I'm sure some are sponsers/charity as well as the ones local radio gives away. Just check out all your local radio station websites and listen closely for any giveaways.

    Good luck!

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