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Thread: Any room for an Ohio stop?

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    Any room for an Ohio stop?

    Was selfishly hoping Ohio (or even Indy) would get a stop this winter/spring but looking at that Google Map in the other thread, I'm not very optimistic at this point. There have been stops in nearly every direction around the state.

    Lexington to the south
    Pittsburgh to the east
    Detroit/Chicago to the north
    St Louis to the west

    Now with news of Denver having March dates, has the tour left the midwest for the time being?

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    Maybe??? It is really a mystery

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    Could be; he was at Cooper Stadium in C-bus, but I couldn't get tix even though I could hear him from my back garden for 6 nights. I so want to be in the venue when he swings through next.
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    I'm hoping after Denver he might stay out west a bit- maybe hit Arizona- heck if he hits phoenix or tucson, I'm gonna go for tix as I have free lodging (a sister ) in Tucson and can commute to Phx easily enough..
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    If he's done in the east, I'll be quite upset since I missed all the shows he's played so far. PA is the closest he's come to me, and even then it would've been quite a jaunt to get there. So here's hoping he swings back here sometime this year.

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    I am in the Toledo area, and think even if Garth does a major city in Ohio, Detroit will remain the closest concert to me. Detroit is closer than Cleveland or Columbus or most major Ohio cities.

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