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Thread: Early show v. Late show....which do you prefer?

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    Early show v. Late show....which do you prefer?

    For all of those that have been to both shows during his tour, which is preferred?

    Does the 1st show get cut short because they need to turn around the crowd and clean the arena? Does Garth go longer during the 2nd show?

    I'm hoping to be able to get either for Nov. 1st, however if I can pick I'd like to know where I'll get more 'Garth for my buck'!

    Thank you!

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    I went to both shows in Chicago on 9/13. I prefer "both" honestly But on this night, the 6pm show seemed far more energetic. I've been to 12 concerts of Garth's now and it was one of the loudest I've been to. He made mention that it was very loud and wish he could play all night. The 10:30 show had more songs but the crowd didn't seem as energetic in my opinion. The 2nd show started 45 minutes behind due to Garth playing over on the 1st show I presume...

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