Red Rose on the Road by Seth Millis

At sundown in the city
With gravel thick and gritty
You see three red roses on the road
One of em crushed but not so dirty

Now you may ask yourself
How can three red roses be on the road
Did they fall off a flower truck during a load
Or did kids throw it out the window like yesterdays trash

Or maybe just maybe
If you wanna go that deep
Those roses may have belonged to somebody
Who had love that was thrown to the street

Now red roses we all know
Carry feelings we mostly tow
Joy from its smell
Love from its beauty
Devotion from its gift
Pain from its bush

Those are the feelings when you see
red roses of three
You never know what they mean
But you only know what you think

When you see three red roses
On gravel thick and gritty
In a sundown city
With river flowing feelings