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Thread: New singers you've been getting into

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    New singers you've been getting into

    In light of recent comments I've made regarding the Garth/Strait ACM Debacle where I said it didn't matter if a new serious songwriter were to come in and make it big in Country Radio, well mostly out of my bad temper I lied to you guys and have been getting into some new people who are not that big yet but imo they are on track to getting there. Note: you can find these songs on Youtube if you wanna listen

    Jack Ingram: I've said many times, that since he saved my life from suicide in 2006 I've been following him and his music since and granted the fact that he hasn't put out a new record since 2009 in my opinion he's a great songwriter that deserves more attention and should get another hit. Recommended song: Beat Up Ford

    Sarah Darling: now I got a troubled history with female Country singers, mostly because I can't sing along with them but I can background vocal with em. Don't get me wrong I have nothing but respect for ladies like Reba, Trisha, Martina, and Allison Krauss, but the first time I heard this lady she practically made my heart melt because how soft she can sing like Krauss but not afraid to raise it like Yearwood, McEntire, and McBride but when she does she never loses that Angelic lilt. Recommended Song: Whenever It Rains

    Randy Rogers: I've been meaning to get into this band since seeing them on GAC when I was in High School because this is one of those bands that can make blunt honesty work into mainstream country even though they're still Texas Country. Recommended song: One More Goodbye

    Wade Bowen: Now I'm gonna cause some controversy with this pick and who I compare him to but hear me out on why I say so. First off, I got introduced to this guy via a fellow fan of a radio show I've been listening to, first listen to this guy and the song that he did, I went and bought his records via Itunes that very night. When his newest album "The Given" came out I did the same thing that I would do whenever a new Garth Brooks album came out I up and bought it. His past work along with the new one seriously has that Garth quality I've been missing, I mean he's the type of songwriter that will make you think "Man that reminds me so much of Garth" and that's why I seriously think he's the best songwriter since Garth Brooks and I don't say that lightly. Recommended Song: Trouble

    Those have been what will likely be the last new singers I'll be getting into and I think they will have hits on the radio down the road but I'd much rather stick to their CD's just so I can prevent headaches in the future.

    Now y'all are more than welcome to talk about anybody you've been getting into because who knows we might like em as well. Hope we can keep the conversation civil.
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