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Thread: Man what happened to Ty England and his marriage?

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    Man what happened to Ty England and his marriage?

    Just cruised around the GAC website and apparently former Brooks bandmate and solo artist Ty England tied the knot again I didn't even know he got a divorce (I know he's still working and sadly I've not bought his new stuff yet)

    For those who may not have been aware either I got the website right here: http://blog.gactv.com/blog/2012/11/0...ties-the-knot/

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    hmm- haven't thought of him in a long time- gotta see if I have all of his albums- I think I do... don't know though
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    Had no clue. Tere is ZERO info about it online.
    Always had a boyhood crush on his first wife Shanna
    Maybe she wants a younger guy now haha

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