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Thread: Live CD? From KC to LA

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    Live CD? From KC to LA

    Just an idea...wouldn't a live CD be a possibility? Think about all the songs they could put on a cd with songs from KC and LA! Release around next Chirstmas (or sooner if possible)....c'mon Garth...you wouldn't have to do that much! The promotion is already done!

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    I agree, it doesn't sound too hard to do. It'd be another multi-million $$$ seller probably...
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    this would be just amazing. i kinda doubt it will happen though.

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    There is a VERY strong probability you will see a Live CD/DVD combo coming out in November....

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    I wouldn't expect it, but you never know.

    Doublie Live was just so huge that I think everybody already has a live Garth CD. Not many CDs do giamond, twice!

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    True, but if he throws in the DVD of live footage with the recordings it hold a different novelty from Double Live...

    Ultimate Hits shouldn't have sold as many copies as it has with the box sets and everything else out there, but it has done awesome, so I suspect this could be strong too.

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    Garth's bigger than Elvis right? Look how many live cd's he had! Look at Billy Joel? He has the millineum concert, the Madison Square Garden concerts....Garth could do it.

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    I hope he does but looking at history I don't think he will. He hasn't released any of his high profile shows yet so I don't think he'd start now. But I would love to see another live cd...

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    I would only like another live CD if it included a slew of newer songs from Scarecrow and The Lost Sessions, and maybe a few older hits that were not on Double Live (In Another's Eyes, Wild Horses, You Move Me, American Pie, etc.)

    But since Garth seems almost completely against singing ANYTHING new in concert (besides the current singles), that seems unlikely to happen.

    So, if the syllogism follows through, then I guess I would not want a new Live CD of KC & LA since all it would have is the same old songs that are already on Double Live.

    A DVD would be great, but not a CD.

    Just my opinion though.

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    I'd take anything I can get...not gonna get picky.

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