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    :( :( :(

    I am sooooooo sad :( :( :( i still haven't heard or seen anything of chris gains. Well, I've seen pics, but not videos, and I have read lyrics, but not heard songs. My pc won't load the videos and songs off of the VH1 website either...I am dying!!!!!!!!!!!N

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    Will your email accept pix?? If you give it to me I can send them to you! I dont want you to have to go through this torture :( LOLN

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    I'm confused!!! Will someone please E-mail me and fill me in on the Chris Gaines project and how I can see videos and hear the new songs? I'm BEGGING!!!! My e-mail address is...<P>babychoo-choo@gurlmail.com<P>Thanks again :)<BR>MichelleN

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    My address is sunshine82@mailexcite.com....thanks soooooo much!!!!<BR>-ShannaN

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