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Thread: "Mo" Betta shirts

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    "Mo" Betta shirts

    The other day I ordered most of the shirts from "Mo" Betta's "Sevens" collections that I don't have. There are a few more shirts in the collection that I don't remember ever seeing him wear, and I'm hoping someone can help me recognize them. By catalog #, tge shirts are 10b-8, 6a-8, 6b-8, 6d-8. If anyone can help me recognize when/where he wore those specific shirts, I'd appreciate it.

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    6a-8 and 6b-8 looks like the same shirt to me, but in different colors. Isn't that blue one the one he wore in Central Park? And 6d-8 on the "back" part (LA show) on the Ireland and back concert-vhs. The 10b-8 I don't know.
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