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Thread: Oklahoma Visit

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    Oklahoma Visit

    Hey all

    I'm heading over to Oklahoma in January, hoping to see Mr. Brooks:-)

    I've never been there before but thought there's a first time for everything lol. There's a bout 8 of us going so far (some have already been before with another girl but they stayed out past Tulsa and cant remember exactly where as it was nearly 5 years ago now lol)

    Does anyone have any idea of the best places to stay/eat etc?

    Any help would be appreciated:-)

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    if you are still going, let me know. my yahoo name is osumjbradley... you can find me there... i check my stuff on here only periodically...

    my cousin owns a ranch near garths estate... i grew up in the area..
    "You're not rich until you have something that money can't buy"

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