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Thread: How do you find out how many records she sold

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    How do you find out how many records she sold

    ...the first week of Heaven Heartache and the Power of Love...

    Just curious... It's a beautiful CD if you haven't bought it yet. The song Cowboys are my Weakness is my favorite....her voice is heavenly.


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    I was wondering the same thing. There was a thread at TY.com but it's been deleted. I've checked Billboard and every other place I can think of and I don't see any mention of it anywhere. What's going on?

    Carol Ann

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    since Trisha did not sell an outstanding number of copies AmberJ dosent want it discussed. I guess she is a little embarrassed or something??
    Anyway it sold just under 31,000 copies.

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    I have yet to hear this song on my crappy clear channel station even though I request it daily.
    "Grace is when God gives us what we don't deserve and mercy is when God doesn't give us what we do deserve" - Dan Roberts

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    Amber sent me a PM on this, as I started a topic on it, and well its a no no. Alot of Trisha's promotion time got axed because of the writer's strike so appearances did not happen. However, with Black Friday, this weeks sales will be much stronger.

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