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Thread: The Good people of Kansas

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    The Good people of Kansas

    Love youtube and guess who else they love.

    Sorry cant put up any links or this thread will be deleted.

    But you get my drift.

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    I can't find much of anything actually showing Garth, guess the web site has taken stuff off already. Garth and/or his people are really strict about what is put on that site. If you want to see some Garth videos, go to GarthBrooks.com and follow the links.

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    Its hard to find doing a search on youtube, but I have just been to the site, and there is quite a few songs there.

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    no offense, but let's get it right. if your in kansas city for the garth concert then your in the great state of missouri. now if you want the crime you can just keep going on 35 and follow i-70 to kansas :-)

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