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Thread: Twas The Night Before...

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    Twas The Night Before...

    To The Tune of "The Night Before Christmas"

    Well folks it's that time of year again and I didn't want to do this too soon but once I saw the change of Garth's "Hat" I figured it would be ok!

    I know quite a few of you may have seen this before as I've posted it for the past couple of years but for those who haven't seen it I truly hope you enjoy it! It's my tribute to Garth so to speak, and to say Happy Holidays to PG.


    Twas THE night before a GB concert and all thru the land everyone waited on the one called Da Man!

    The signs were all made with love and care hoping that their songs would be sung, OH yeah!

    The fans were all hyped with smiles on their faces; and on the front row there were no empty spaces.

    With Trisha by his side and the band all pumped we knew we were in for one helluva ride

    When out in the stands there arose such a roar, we knew in a moment that Garth was about to take the floor.

    We jumped from our seats, and clapped our hands;
    Stomped our feet and rocked the stands.

    The lights on the stage were dark and low and the music started out loud, but slow.

    When what to our wondering eyes did appear, but Garth Brooks the man we all held dear.

    With a back-up band so hot and so cool who started out playing not ďcounting you Iíve never been nobodyís fool.Ē

    More music from them he expected to get! and none of them knew of his game plan as yet!, he ran and he jumped and said each oneís name, címon Jimmy, and James, and Dave Steve and Mike, letís all play and light up the night.

    Now, play, play, all day and all night!!

    Across the stage on a rope he did fly we knew this show was going to be the best oh my!

    So up on the stage under lights so bright, they played song after song, and jammed all night!

    And then in a twinkliní we heard another voice, and of course it was Ms. Trisha his duet partner of choice.

    Across the stage Ms Trisha did walk and said letís do this thing and not just talk!

    Well Garth was all dressed in his Moí Betta shirt and the sight of him in his tight wranglers sure didnít hurt!!

    A bunch of songs he had on his mind, and he would sing them all for us one at a time. His eyes how they twinkled! his smile so sexy!! how he got in those jeans, is still quite vexing!

    The neck of a Guitar he held tight in his hand and the headset mike would keep him going all night!

    He had a tall black Stetson, and dark blue jeans, and he continued to sing among the shouts and screams.

    Well a wink of his eye and a strum of his guitar soon let us know that more was to come by far!

    He took us all on the ride of our life with the woman at his side that will soon be his wife!

    Well they played and they sang all through the night! as we shouted and screamed in pure delight!

    The night wore on and the time did fly and all too soon we knew heíd say goodbye, but we heard him exclaim as he walked from our sight, to one and all have a gooooooodddddnight!!!
    ...our lives are better left to chance, I could've missed the pain --- but I'd of had to miss the DANCE

    Take it Easy, Take it Slow, Take it Light...Oh What the Heck Just Take It!!!

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    Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!!! I like it!

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