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Thread: weekly top 40 listeners (chris gaines info)

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    weekly top 40 listeners (chris gaines info)

    I wrote to a well known dj here in calif named Rick Dees. His manager and I believe entertainment adivsor wrote me back .<P>craig rogers said to me <P>diana chris gaines will be looked into more and talked about further on the weekly top 40 so do listen in for further details.<P>basically just the info we know but at least we know that BIG MANAGEMENT are listening to their viewers and listeners . <P><BR>it pays to call, write and access whom ever you can to get chris gaines a moving<P>oh BY THE WAY JASON I MADE mention of your web site again to the manager to rick deed<BR>craig rogers<P><BR>well lets all get the ball rolling <P>byeN

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    Very cool :D Thanks for the info!N

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    WOW!!! Rick Dees<P>"Disco Disco Duck"(thats all I can remember,anybody know any more?)LOL.N

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    MJ,<P>LOL....that's exactly what I thought of when my stepdaughter mentioned Rick Dees radio show the other day! :D<P>JulieN

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