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Thread: Malicious Program Warning!!!

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    Malicious Program Warning!!!

    I am going to preface this by saying that I know it is not PG's fault. However, this latest tactic by Roughstock is very, very nasty and quite possibly ILLEGAL under the federal telecommunications act regarding internet security and malicious programing. Simply put, something MUST be done about this situation, because the MALICIOUS advertising tactics of Roughstock are tarnishing the image of the Planet to newer members who do not realize PG cannot control it.

    When a program download box pops up, and does not give you a clear option to close the box without accepting their download, which is a malicious program that corrupts files, tracks internet useage, harvests email addresses and other personal information stored on the computer... there is a SERIOUS problem. That is what is happening on PG and has been for some time. Tonight, I was able to capture screen-shots of the issue and will attempt to post them as attachments. If that does not work I will post them elsewhere and provide a link. The first (if it works) is a reduced-file-size screen shot of the page with the pop ups.
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    The first image is of the malicious program which gives you no clear way to close the box without initiating the download. Take caution, and make sure to UNCHECK the little box in the pop-up before clicking the close-window button. Or use ctrl-alt-delete to get rid of it.

    The second image is of another pop-up which attempts to force a program download, though it does provide a means for closing the window. Notice that the security certificate is expired and was issued by an invalid or unknown company.
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    Thank God I have a Mac running Safari (apple's browser) w/ pop up blockers running- I love PG but at times the popups are unbearable.. gotta do something to roughstock about it! (GRIN)
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    Thankfully I don't get pop ups!


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    i dont get pop ups either.

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