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Legends in the flesh and the rest in bronze were present last night at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California for the Legends in Bronze unveiling of 10 bronze sculptures of some of country music's greatest stars. The legends in the flesh (who are also captured in bigger than life-sized bronze statues by Bill Rains), were Buck, Garth Brooks, plus George Jones and Merle Haggard, plus some future legends perhaps, Ray Benson, Joe Nichols and Dierks Bentley.

GARTH PROPOSES, TRISHA SAYS YES - Last night on the stage outside Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, Garth Brooks brought Trisha Yearwood on stage to share the moment his bronze statue was unveiled. But, he suddenly took off his hat, grabbed Trisha’s hand, dropped to his knee and asked her to marry him in front of 8,000 shocked and cheering fans. Yearwood was completely surprised and visibly moved when she said, "Yes!"

Garth jumped up to hug and kiss her to seal the deal. Trisha was pretty much in tears for the rest of their time on stage. Garth’s reaction to her acceptance, “Other than being there when every one of my three baby girls were born, being there at my mother’s side the day that she left this planet, this day equals those days, this is one of the greatest days of my life, thank you!”

TRISHA EXTREMELY CLOSE TO GARTH’S KIDS - Before Garth surprised the world with his public proposal to Trisha, we brought up the fact that she seemed to have become as integrated into his family as a stepmother.
Garth said, “It’s going great, she earns her stripes with those children every day. It’s funny, we were talking about going back out on tour and it’s like, I can’t go back on tour because I’ve retired and they asked me at the ACM if I was going back out on tour when she goes out and the answer is no, I can’t because I’m staying with my children. My problem is I don’t know how she’s going to do it because she’s become extremely attached to those babies and that farm and I wish her well because I couldn’t do it if I was her so we’ll see how she handles it.”

Garth repeated that he had no plans to even occasionally come out with Trisha or sing harmonies as he did in the studio for her single, “Georgia Rain.”

This will be Garth’s second marriage and Trisha’s 3rd.

ALSO, Garth had not planned on performing, but when Buck asked him to, he borrowed
Buck's red, white and blue guitar and offered up a tribute to George Strait,
singing his, "Amarillo By Morning." Then, he tore into "Friends in Low
Places." The crowd treated it like the special moment it was.
In addition to Buck and Garth's performances, Ray Benson, Dierks Bentley and Joe Nichols took the stage to put on a respectful and great sounding jam trading classic songs by the 10 legends in bronze.

FINALLY, we had a chance to chat with Merle, George and Buck together backstage, and asked them what drives them to keep on performing. Merle said, “It keeps me young, it keeps me healthy and when I don’t do it, I get sick so I go back to work.”

“Merle said the right things,” said George Jones. “It’s something that I love, I’ve always loved traditional country music and I always will and I’m going to sing country music as long a somebody wants to listen to it, and I couldn’t live without it.”

“The reason I do it,” said Buck, “and the only reason I’m doing it now, I do a show every Saturday night and I do requests. I do George’s songs, I do Merle’s songs I do everybody’s songs I know, I do Lefty Frizzell, I do Ernest Tubb and that way it’s always different.”

The ten statues unveiled were of Hank Williams, George Strait, Bob Wills, Willie Nelson, Buck Owens, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, George Jones, and Merle Haggard. Buck revealed another ten bronzes are in the planning stages. That list may include some female legends.


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