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Thread: I metGarth Brooks and didn't even know it!

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    I metGarth Brooks and didn't even know it!

    Have you ever met a star and not known it? I have. I met Garth Brooks and his wife in Edmonton Alberta back in 1991.

    I know what your thinking I know what your thinking how could I have met the biggest name in country music and not known him well if you give me a moment of your time I'll explain .

    I moved to edmonton in march of 1991 and started working as a security guard for a company called metropol .

    I was a floater wich ment I was on call . meaning I had no life I would checkin twice a day to see if the company had a shift and if they did I went to work .
    don't cry for me well not yet anyway . getting back to what you want to know one extreamly hot summerday in june around 530 I called in and got asked to work from 630 till 1230 and I said yes .
    so off I went to the stadium to look after some trucks .
    when I got to the back lot the other gaurd on duty met me and said do you wan't the top or the bottom of the ramp ? I said whatever is more out of the sun . he said cool I'll stay at the top and you can watch the trucks from the bottom of the ramp . I was on duty for about half an hour when a lady came out of a tour bus and asked me if I wanted a drink I said no thanks I was fine . anyway the lady introduced herself as misses Brooks and she was talking to two girls outside the stadium fence. she invited them in side the stadium grounds to chat they sat on a grassy hill next to the ramp I was watching .after a few mins misses Brooks went back on the bus and told the girls it was okay for them to sit where they were . less then 10 mins went by befor stadium staff told the girls to leave I informed them that misses brooks had said it was okay for them to be there . they seemed to get annoyed saying she shouldn't be doing that. any way about five mins later a man with ball cap brown hair about 6ft tall in a grey t-shirt and shorts asked me if I wanted an autograph? I said thanks but I was working and my company didn't allow me to take gifts well I was on duty. The man asked me again if I was sure and again I said thanks for the offer but I was on duty and would have to decline.
    the man went back into the stadium to finish a preshow inspection. about 5 mins later a roadie came out on break and said hi and asked me how I was and I asked him who's concert is this anyway? He looked at me and said Garth Brooks . I told him I don't know the name what does he sing ?
    the roadie Looked at me and said you must not be into country music I said I've been listening to country music my whole life.
    he then laughed and said , you don't know Garth brooks? I said no. can name a song that he's known for ? after 5, or 6 songs I didn't recognize he got to my favorite song unanswered prayers I said I love that song .
    he said your really gonna hate me when I tell you this you know the guy in the ballcap that was just out here .I said yeh he offered to get me an autograph but I had to turn down his offer as I was working . the roadie looked at me and said he didn't offer to get you an autograph he offered to give you one That was Garth . Till this day I still can't beleave I did that.
    the reason I'll never forget that day is that after 3hours on stage Garth came out the door with his security and had the stadium security open the fence and he then went out into the crowd shaking hands and signing autographs .
    He remembered what it was to be a fan and made me one in the process!!!
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