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Thread: Sevens Radio Special!

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    Sevens Radio Special!

    I have been searching for seven years now for a recording of the Sevens Live with Garth Brooks & Friends radio special. If anyone can help me with this, I would be HIGHLY appreciative. The only three Garth radio specials I have that I can offer recordings of are the In Pieces interview (Garth's part only, no music), the Sevens Interview & Cut-By-Cut Dialogue and I have one of the countdown shows with Garth co-hosting. I do have other country radio specials, though, and am quite willing to offer recordings of any of that stuff in exchange for the one I want.

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    If I remember correctly, that special was hosted by that guy from the Today Show or something? And Garth answered callers live? He talked to one guy about the passion that drives music. And Steve Wariner came on and did Long Neck Bottle? This was one of the better shows. You could almost picture the whole thing live.

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