Hello. I'm currently selling a large print of GB on Ebay.


The description in the auction says it all. The BIN is scary (I wanted to lower it but somone bid on it already), but the reserve is set well below that. All in all, I think it's fair for such a rare (and large!) item (I know less than 300 were printed for the retail chain it was made for, and that's if all of them were saved from the trash). If you would like to make an offer outside of ebay, feel free to contact me via e-mail.

If it makes any difference, the only reason I am selling this is because my girlfriend (who is an EXTREME GB fan, personally-signed "sevens" cover and all) has been away at an internship for several months. She decided that she would rather I sell it to raise money for my trip out to see her than to keep it for herself.

Thanks all for your time.