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Thread: Ever Seen Garth In Concert?

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    Ever Seen Garth In Concert?

    i dont know if this has ever been asked...but im just curious after talking with some of you that have NEVER seen garth in concert....

    just how many of us HAVE seen garth in concert?

    i know ive been fortunate enough to see him in several different states all across the country. and he is the best entertainer there one will ever be better than garth


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    I saw him once here in Houston.

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    I saw Garth in concert in State College, PA in '97 and that concert literally changed my life. I not only fell in love with Garth, I fell in love with all country music. I've acquired such an appreciation for the history of country music and a curiosity of the industry itself. He's such an incredible entertainer. I wish I could have had the chance to meet him, but maybe someday...

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    I saw him in Tampa in 98
    The Grand Ole Opry 75th
    and Lime Creek Christmas in Nashville


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    I saw him in Charlotte, NC in '93.

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    garth in concert

    My daughter and I saw Garth in 1999 at the target center in Minneapolis,Minnesota and we were in the 2nd row and I thought I was going to faint.He is the best and he needs to come back soon..There is a joke in my family that when Garth split with his wife that he was coming for me well garth I'm still here where are you???????????????......Debbi(Salem,Or) THE BIGGEST GARTH FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I saw him in Hamilton, Ontario in '96. It was an experience I will never forget

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    Sept. 27th 1998 Buffalo, NY - A night I will remember for the rest of my life!


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    I've seen Garth perform in person twice. The first was at the Hollywood Bowl, when he was inducted into their "Hall of Fame". The next time was his farewell "Coast to Coast" concert from Los Angeles. That was the "real Garth concert" experience. I wasn't about to sit home and watch him on TV when he was performing so close to my home. It was as much fun to watch the Garth fannatics in the audience, as it was to see him perform. The televised part of the show was only the first hour, then he performed for at least another hour. That second part was much more fun because Garth could take the time to really interact with his audience, especially the people standing at the front of the stage. The coolest thing was, his concert ended and I got back to my hotel room in time to see the TV special. While the TV show was live to the east coast, out here, on the west coast, it was taped and shown at 10pm. I also had left my VCR timer, at home, set to tape the TV special part. So, when I got home the next day, I could watch part of the concert again, several times.

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    Me Me Me !!!!!!!

    I saw Garth in Philly in 98.......Yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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