so ive been goin to a lot of royals games lately with my friend that went with me down to spring training. she's in love with jimmy gobble!

to make a long story short...she made a sign...and the guy next to us was like "hey ill call my g/f and shell get u on the big screen" (dont ask me how) but next thing i know were on the screen....then some guy comes over and is like "u should go wait in this parkin lot for the players its where they all come in and go out."

so weve been goin over there and getting autographs for the past couple of
weeks and have become really good friends with this guy that works the corral (thats what they call the players parking lot) his name is brandon.

well he came out with us last week to the chiefs game and i had my pics from spring training in the back seat. well he was lookin through em and said u know "GARTH HAS BEEN UP FOR QUITE A FEW GAMES." what??!!!

yeah...he's the one that directs him in and out of the parking lot. and even described a couple of G's cars. aaaaahhhhhh!!! u can bet i immediately gave him my phone number. he said if hes there again he'll call. but he likes to be quiet and not make a scene a (as we all know.) and he said its usually always on a sunday game.

i was so freakin out. i think its so cool how he comes up here to see the royals play...even though they may not be doin so hot! just thought id share