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Thread: Is country going downhill????

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    Is country going downhill????

    I have way too many people discuss the fact that country is slowy losing interest. Along with that, I'm hearing talk of how country is too much like rock now? I don't agree 100% but I have pondered these questions a bit. I feel that the older country has a completely different sound then today's country and I am finding that I don't enjoy today's country as much as I enjoy music from artists such as Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, or Hank Williams. I'm guessing that's why I'm so in love with Garth Brooks because he has the older country feel. While I still love country music, It does seem to be taking some drastic turns and it is twisting and changing so much that I don't even feel as if some of these songs they're calling "today's country" are country anymore. Along with this, I still feel that country has some of the strongest interest out of any other type of music in the United States today. I'd like to know how everyone else feels about these subjects. Let me know what you're thinking so I can pass your wisdom on to others that doubt country music!!!

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    GREAT question...

    Is country going downhill? I don't think so. The other question you pose is: "Is country changing?" YES! It is evolution- most forms of musical genre do so. Take a look at rock-n-roll. Is it the same as it was 50 years ago? 40? 30? Nope. Not all all.

    Music style changes, just like most fashionable things. Hairstyles, clothing styles, etc.. It is a way to maintain a fresh and appealing sound. I honestly believe Garth's music evolved over time. Compare "Much too young" to "Wrapped up in you". Do they compare? I don't think so. I believe that successful musical artists continually evolve their "sound".

    That's my take on things..


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    Thanks for replying. I understand what you mean about evolving. I guess I just miss the good ol' country sound:-p

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    I do believe its changing, but not all that bad, you still have the classical type of singers, like Josh Turner, Tim McGraw, Buddy Jewel , Brooks and Dunn etc etc...but then you have the newer groups like Big and Rich and whoever. Its going to be like that. It gives it a new fresher look, while still holding its heritage.

    Is it losing interest? No, there are a lot of country sales. The music is changing...while keeping its roots. Its going to do that.

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    Is Country Going Downhill?No...Yes,As the others have said-It`s changing,it`s evolving what`s "Country" and what isn`t.In My opinion,some people these days are testing the boundaries too much,too quickly.For example: The "Word" 'Bling-Blingin`' does NOT belong in country at all.I believe that some people stay to their roots,and others do not.And there`s always a suprise now & then.Like a country-pop superstar promises to make a truly Country album.Or,as Trisha did,after Where Your Road Leads,everybody thought that her next album would be way over in the 'Country Pop' side-CLEARLY Real Live Woman wasn`t.And her next album is supposed to be so called 'Classic Trisha'.-So who knows what it`ll be like.It doesn`t have a theme....just songs that describe her.And actually,I might sound crazy,but for the most part,it seems like Country is actually RETURNING to it`s roots....but that might be just me.


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    Well, I returned to mine through the "unlikely" source of Chris Gaines. And I bought the Big & Rich cd(love it) and will likely get the new Jimmy Buffet cd. And I only recently got into him because of Alan Jackson. I used to detest Jimmy Buffett
    s songs before I heard all these country artists singing his songs in concerts! Darryl Worley, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and others love Jimmy and now so do I. I like how I got roped into these changes that I changed along with. Should be interesting where we go from here.

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    I, personally, feel that country music IS changing. I also prefer listening to Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Patsy Cline...If it's a choice between them and Tim McGraw or Shania Twain you can bet your paycheck on what type of "Country music" I will be listening to.
    And yes, the music today IS straying from the roots. Shania IS definitely NOT singing country music. I am sorry if you are a fan of hers, but she is NOT country! I like some of her songs so don't think that I am dissing her, but she is NOT country. Faith Hill has changed or evolved also from her first debut album.... she is no longer singing "country music". I love Faith Hill, but she ain't country. Sorry folks!
    You can say it is evolving...very true...but what is being heard on today's radio stations is not TRADITIONAL country music, the kind of music that I fell in love with. I love some of the new music out today, but if I had my choice on who to listen to, it would be the stars of yesterday. They are the true country and western musicians!

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    Tough question. I'd have to agree with most everyone that it's CHANGING. If that's for the better or not, I guess is personal opinion. I started listening to country in '92, and LOVE a lot of stuff from around that time and earlier. I'm still a fan of Clay Walker, John Berry, and Billy Dean, as well as some more traditional/older stuff. These days, I think the best new artist in country is Buddy Jewel. Not many others are doing traditional country, or else they do and can't get air play! I still like a lot of newer country music, I just don't LOVE much of it anymore. I admit I'm getting away from it a bit the last couple of years. When I first started listening to country, there was so much there I loved I almost gave up pop/rock entirely, since I was so busy listening to country. Now, after 12 years, I'm finding a balance and discovering more artists outside of country. I've become a huge Matchbox 20 fan, and like Train and some other artists as well. I'll never stop listening to country, but I am listening to it a bit less these days.

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    Country music has always gone through changes and always will. If it didn't it really would die.

    Some that consider themselves "traditionalists" point to those that they see as exemplifying what country is and should be. But many are not looking at the longterm historical picture of country music. Many of those that they see as the epitome of "country" were once revolutionary themselves just as Garth was. Take Waylon, Willie, and the rest of the "outlaws"... they got that nickname because at the time they were NOT what people generally thought of as country.

    Some of country's great stars created their own questions about the direction of country music when some of their songs became crossover hits into popular music. But who today would doubt the validity of artists like Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, Eddie Arnold, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings, or groups like Alabama or the Charlie Daniels Band as "Country" enough. But all during their careers tested the limits and had wide appeal in popular music. Most would laugh today if you questioned if they were "country". And if you ask any "non-country" music listener what kind of music Garth sings.... they would think you're nuts if you didn't consider him country.

    So I get a bit annoyed even by the well meaning and wonderful country artists today that consider themselves "The New Traditionalists" as if they're taking country music back to something that has disappeared. I enjoy the music of many of them... but I get rather sick of some of them when they make speeches about bringing back or protecting "traditional country music".

    I'm glad they're singing it... and I like the sound. But they need to quit looking down their noses at many of the performers that gave country a wider listening audience and made it possible for them to have the opportunities that they have today.
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