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Thread: videocassetes for sale

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    videocassetes for sale

    Hello all,
    I became a huge GB fan around 93/94 and I began taping any and every TV appearance that I could. This continued until the year or so after "Double Live" came out. I have many tv/talk show appearances (Leno, Conan O' Brien, Oprah, etc.), numerous segments from TNN's country news show (and other TNN shows), and segments from many other shows (awards shows and such). I also have THIS IS GARTH BROOKS, TOO, TRYIN TO ROPE THE WORLD, LIVE IN NYC and TO IRELAND AND BACK. 10 videotapes in all.
    My interest in all of these tapes/clips has faded and I've been on the verge of getting rid of them for a little while. I think it'd be kind of a waste to just throw them away or tape over them. So, I am offering them for sale here. If nobody wants them, they're being erased whenever I need a tape to tape something.
    I am NOT charging for the content of these tapes. I am selling used VHS tapes (that happen to contain GB stuff you might like). I paid at least $3 for each of the blank tapes (up to $7 for some of them!). I will sell them all together for $10. 10 tapes for $10. You will have to pay shipping/handling costs - which could be close to $10 (or more) depending on where you live. 10 videotapes in a box have a substantial weight. If someone wants to buy these, you can contact me and tell me where you live and I can find out how much it'll cost to mail the tapes to you and let you know the total. I will mail the tapes when the cheque/money order clears and I get cash (I've been paid with U.S. money orders and cheques before and the bank made me wait 7 days for them to clear before they'd give me any cash).
    One thing that I will note is that I am from Canada. So, if you're in the US, I just want Canadian dollars (get a money order or a cheque in Cdn funds), which means that you're gonna get a better deal than it first appears: our dollar is only worth 72 cents there, so you're gonna end up paying something like $7.20 (plus shipping) for the 10 tapes.

    Also: I have the officially produced (that is genuine videos that I bought in stores) of THIS IS GARTH BROOKS, the GB Video Collection Vol. 1 and The GB Video Collection Vol. 2. I will sell these seperately for $5 each (plus shipping!).

    If you are interested e-mail me at: redeyeblues@eudoramail.com and please be sure to put Garth or GB or something referring to him in the subject line.

    Take care,

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    hi, just dropped you an e-mail!

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