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Thread: Influenced by Garth's inspirational songs?

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    Influenced by Garth's inspirational songs?

    I'd love to hear if there's anyone else out there who's been influenced by some of Garth's more inspirational songs like The Dance, The Change, The River, How You Ever Gonna Know? Whenever the going gets tough for me, I think of Standing Outside the Fire and how "life is not tried it is mearly survived if you're standing outside the fire."

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    welcome to the Planet Farmer It's good to have you here.

    To answer your question, I've been influenced by Garth's songs, such as We Shall Be Free, this song makes me think of when life for the entire world will be the same-free.

    Another inspirational song for me is How You Ever Gonna Know, I was listening to this song with my dad in the car a few years ago and he said that this was "my" song.

    there are other songs too that I know are inspirational, those are just two of 'em.

    God and peace,

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    Welcome, Farmer

    I have been influenced by his songs and very much so. Both as a performer/artist (a dancer) and as a person...

    Take heart.

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    Thanks for the welcomes...I'm new to this site, but have been a GB fan for a long time. I guess I should have said as a topic starter "which songs of Garth have influenced you the most, and why?"

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    "I can't abide Standing Outside the Fire"

    Hi Farmer! You mean like getting into the "boxing ring" with Garth like with that above verse? Sometimes ya gotta get laid out smack down on the carpet to really feel the effect, and get up again fighting mad until you finally cry "UNCLE"! . Garth gets ya into the ring, then...POW!!! Before ya know what hit ya, you're REALLY inspired! Ha! Ha!

    That is the way Garth's music first inspired me, and still does, with a "knock-out punch." But that's good! I'm doing more for God, the people, and the music than I ever could dare to hope or dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farmer
    Thanks for the welcomes...I'm new to this site, but have been a GB fan for a long time. I guess I should have said as a topic starter "which songs of Garth have influenced you the most, and why?"
    For me, it is a toss-up between The River and The Dance. However The Change, and When You Come Back To Me Again, are also way up there, along with others...

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    Inspiritional Songs

    welcome to Garth's message forums.

    I would have to say The Dance

    I think it was years ago around the time that Michael Landon died.
    And from the time I was a little girl he was my favorite tvstar.
    I felt rather close to him say like a second dad even though we have met only once. Makes me think of precious memories.

    And more than ever since Pep Perrine passed away. Bob Seger's former drummer from The Bob Seger System years. He died on july15 2002.
    The same day Seger won the Port Huron Macanack Island Race.

    Who told me was Bobby Ritchie. By chatting on line.
    I printed out everything he said that day and gave it all back to him a month later. He said Pep died from his accident.
    I kept saying to him. No Bobby, it was not an accident and let me prove it.
    And I did prove it.

    He told me chatting on line the day Pep got hurt which was on saturday
    july 13th. I printed out several pages from his messsenger. Him telling me how bad it was for Pep and that he would call me that evening after getting
    Pammy settled who had been ill. Pamela Anderson was then.
    Bobby said, he would call me that night when the details of Pep's surgery and what room he would be in and all.
    So, I could call Pep.

    I think of this song The Dance because I kind of blame myself for Pep's death in some way. I was the one after all those years who managed to get him
    in touch with Punch A. and Bob Seger.
    I wish I would have left it alone. Kept Pep to myself.

    So, when I think of this song. I think of Pep.
    I will always love and remember Pep Perrine as my best friend.
    And The Man I Love.


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    Definately The Change for me. A close and dear friend of the family passed on late in 2001, she had been a tireless volunteer for the salvatio army for something like 35 years, particularly in the area's of Drug and alcohol abuse. Whilst most of us were thinking that a lot of these people were too pathetic too bother with, she saw something special in each and every one of them and devoted her life to helping people back on track, sure there were failures along the way, but according to her colleagues, the number of people she successfully helped was in the thousands. At her funeral, The Change was played because she had always said she drew incredible strength and courage to fight the fight from this song. Was a huge eye opener for me and I can't listen to that song now without the goosebumps starting and the lump in the throat beginning to appear. It constantly amazes me that there is this emotion and power to his music that cannot be described in word, i't can be expressed however in the kindness, respect and love we show toward other people.


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