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Thread: Garth to Godsmack!

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    Garth to Godsmack!

    March 2004

    WOW! What a month!

    From the bottom of my heart I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU to all the PGers for your wonderful stories on Garth from AZ.

    And the photos of Garth and Trisha too! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THEM!! Love them all!

    With the month of March coming to an end, I wait patiently to see Sully and the boys from Godsmack in concert. I just bought their new cd couple weeks ago......love it!

    Garth to Godsmack....Aaaahhhh.....MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!!!!

    Rock on PGers......I SALUTE YOU!!!!!!


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    I loved the first Godsmack cd... I just lost interest with the second cd. It was missing something. But they still rock.

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