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Thread: The Unlikely Heir to Garth Brooks

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    It's a little bit of everything that made Garth so popular/successful. You can't really point to just one thing and say 'that's why Garth was Garth' because it discredits the other things that he did. It just all came together perfectly for him in his own mixture. Kenny's working on his own unique mixture and it seems to be working pretty well for him. No, he doesn't have the sales of Garth, but when Garth was just hitting it big he didn't have those sales either. They grew as he grew. And as far as sex appeal goes...you guys are forgetting that there are MANY people in country music who do not see Garth as the least bit sexy. I know it's hard to believe, but it's the truth. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GriggsGarthGirl
    And as far as sex appeal goes...you guys are forgetting that there are MANY people in country music who do not see Garth as the least bit sexy.
    raises hand.... That would be me!

    In general, I prefer older men But Garth's never done it for me.
    Doesn't mean I don't love him!


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    I'm just the opposite. He totally "does it" for me but that isn't at all the reason that I am his fan. I DO, however believe that he has something that no other artist has; something that has nothing to do with his looks or his sex appeal; something near impossible to define. That's why I believe that there will be no "heir" in our lifetime, if ever again.

    Just my .02


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    I am new to PG and I am wondering if anyone knows if they have wanted ads posted like for song writers. I have written many songs, one of which is posted in the musicians forum. thanks for any info!

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    ykonjackfan....you gotta love "Serenity" by godsmack I would love to hear Garth and Trisha sing that song!! WOW!

    I can dream..LOL


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    To Chesney fans, persona matters more than music

    Chesney seems to understand that country needs to go in a new and vibrant direction. In many ways, he's picking up where Garth Brooks left off a decade ago, giving Nashville a taste of rock 'n' roll at its fist-pumping best.
    But his tropical obsession -- he sported a multicolored lei for much of the show -- distinguishes him from Brooks, and from just about anyone else in country. And that may be what makes Chesney stand out: In a genre that has grown far too cookie-cutter, he's a definite original.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ykonjackfan
    I didn't care for that part, either. And no offense whatsoever to Kenny Chesney, but in my personal opinion, a "Garth Brooks" happens but once in a lifetime; possibly once in everyone's lifetime. Kenny is a good artist and I own some of his music. But I don't think that Kenny, Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw TOGETHER, could even begin to come close to filling Garth's shoes. And even though he is technically retired, I don't consider him "finished". Country music has suffered for the loss of his energy amongst them whether they want to admit it or not and besides that, the man just has far too much left to express to us to let the story end here. So good luck to Kenny in all his endeavors, but he needs to understand the truth that the title "King of Country Music" is not up for grabs. It was claimed in 1989 by Oklahoma's favorite son. I guess when God calls him home, one day in the far, far future, they'll just have to retire the title because all future contenders will pale by comparison.

    Just my .02


    Oh my gosh...you totally said what I was thinking as I started to read these posts! But Joyce also pointed out a refreshing though...that it's a great compliment to Garth that he is the standard to which all successes in country music seem to be measured. Very true.

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    I think the article is unfair to both Kenny and Garth.

    I think Kenny's great but he's Kenny and not Garth. There wont be another Garth other than Garth himself. Why do they keep looking for one?

    How many times over the years at awards shows and other events has Garth tried to tell people that it's not a matter of any one artist being greater than another. They all play their roles and contribute. I'm sure Garth is rooting for Kenny totally! There's room for so much more in country music today than there was pre-Garth. He opened a ton of doors.

    As for the continuous slams against the Chris Gaines material....... I'm pretty sick of it.

    The only standard that the Chris Gaines material didn't make sales wise was that it didn't measure up to a normal Garth Brooks CD. A huge number of artists would have been thrilled to have an album sell so well.

    If I thought for a minute that Garth was really off sulking or hurt over the Chris Gaines project... well, I just have to find a way to Oklahoma and go kick his butt.

    How many times in his music and otherwise has he dealt with the idea that if you dont take a chance that is the only failure? Personally I consider the CD one of his greatest gifts to us and himself. We got to hear something very different from him that we might not have otherwise and he got to try something and not be shoved into some box.

    The only people that need to "get over" the Chris Gaines project are the writers of these articles. Find a new angle... that one is so over, unoriginal, and shallow.
    But you've got to be tough when consumed by desire
    'Cause it's not enough just to stand outside the fire

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    Amen Deb!

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    Garth Will Always Be #1

    Kenny Chesney is a damm fine artists, but their are thousands of better ones. However, there is noone better than Garth. Kenny will never take Garth's crown. Kenny will never take Country to new heights, or indeed, put on a live show such as Garth Brooks. Like a previous poster said the crown "The King of Country" was taken by Mr. Garth Brooks in 1989, and noone else will be able to wear it again. It his, for keeps.

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    Chris Gaines

    As for "the life of Chris Gaines", that was a damm fine album!! The film may have not been released but the album was great! Besides Garth has goven us two other great albums since ("Scarecrow" and "Double Live"). These crictics need to get a life!

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