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Thread: New York Programs/The Storehouse

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    New York Programs/The Storehouse

    If anybody is still wondering what Garth ever did to help out NYC since 9/11, here it is. And I signed up immediately.

    The Storehouse
    Assisting Students and Families in Need

    The ballroom of the Isabella Geriatric Center in upper Manhattan was transformed into a celebration of children last January when The Storehouse of World Vision in New York and the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation welcomed 100 youngsters to a Love Thy Neighbor event. Toys, clothes, and "Veggie Tales" videos were among the many gifts distributed to children of families that lost loved ones or jobs in the September 11 attack.

    The Storehouse and Teammates for Kids provided an afternoon of fun, caring, and hope for children and their families. In the wake of September 11, many of these families had a bleak holiday season. The event demonstrated to them that their community still cares.

    What is the Storehouse?
    The Storehouse of World Vision in New York is a distribution center for clothing, toys, toiletries, and other necessities donated by hundreds of U.S. merchants and manufacturers.

    The Storehouse goods are distributed through partner churches and faith-based organizations, which see that they reach those with the greatest need.

    These goods are top-quality items donated from overstock or surplus materials. For their generosity, donors gain a tax incentive as well as the good feeling that comes with making a difference in people's lives.

    Many of the resources offered through The Storehouse, such as new clothing and personal care items, are things we take for granted, but they can boost self-esteem and help ease burdens for families in crisis or in transition.


    Also, this comes up in the 'Garth BrooksTeammates" search but it's not apparent why. Again, it helps New York. It would look like to me, after all the criticism he got for not doing the benefit concerts like other artists, Garth is more involved than we thought in getting real help to the families affected.

    Attack on America:

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    That is all so very interesting. And I am going to check this out in the websites you posted here. Thank You for posting that.
    And I am so glad that Garth did not do the beer commercials either.



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