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Thread: FOUND: A Garth DVD on ebay

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    FOUND: A Garth DVD on ebay

    Was just rummaging thru ebay in the dvd section, 'cause I just got a dvd player last weekend. I didn't expect to see any Garth stuff. But there was. It's the Garth Brooks' His Life from Tulsa to the Top. I already have this on video, so I'm not bidding on it. It says it's brand new and still sealed. Sorry, I didn't do a link, not sure how to. But if you go to ebay and go to 'entertainment', and click on dvd's and videos, then click on 'country' it should come up on the first page. Good luck to anyone who might bid on it. Price: $17.99 US.

    Have a Garthriffic Day!

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    I've seen that one in stores before, so keep your eyes open. Check out the CD stores at the mall, that's where I always see them. Someone's also been selling the Central Park show on DVD, that's one I'd like to get my hands on, I'm not about to spend 50 bucks for it though!


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    Hi Ellie.

    Allison - that is a pirated version, and as such probably not better quality than your own VHS version.

    Still... I'd might buy it - just to own it on a proper format. I hate using my old VHS system. Grr.

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