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Thread: big trisha fan!

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    big trisha fan!

    hey, I am a trisha fan, love her and her music. I saw her on Jag. You won't believe where some of the places they were at? At the Army base in Yuma, Arizona. I am originally from there. Was born & raised there. They played some of her songs in the backround. Another thing you won't believe, she looks like my sister-in-law. Well, just thought I'd share my little moment with ya.

    Hope to hear from ya soon!

    your welcome to pm me!

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    [QUOTE=tulsaok2003]You won't believe where some of the places they were at? QUOTE]

    Hi Tulsaok2003! Welcome! I'm a big Trisha fan aswell, but my enquiring mind wanted to know when you said "you won't believe some of the place they were at?" did you mean where you've heard Trisha songs, or where you've seen Garth & Trisha? Since I assume you're from Tulsa, have you seen them around anywhere? Sorry to be noisy, but I know we'd all love to hear your story if you've seen them!

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