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Thread: Songs About the Weather....

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    Songs About the Weather....

    I just caught the tail end of a show on XM 10 called "Chartistry." It's a show done twice a month, 3 hours of music that revolve around a particular topic. It's part history, part charts. This channel goes back to the late 60's and up to the early 90's usually... but this show stretches those boundries some.

    Anyway, the show I caught was songs that reference the weather. And at the end of the show they count down the Top 10. (Songs only have to mention the subject, doesn't have to be in the title or a predominant theme in the song.)

    Top 5 songs about the weather:

    #5 Do You Know You Are My Sunshine - The Statler Brothers (yeah!)
    #4 Anybody Going to San Antone - Charley Pride
    #3 Texas Tornado - Tracy Lawrence
    #2 Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks
    #1 I'm No Stranger to the Rain - Keith Whitley


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    There's a whole lot more weather songs where Garth's Thunder Rolls.

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