Hi all,

(I only just 'enrolled', so hope this is ok).

I read the above news item, and have to say that I wish Garth all the best in his New Life. It takes a lot of courage and b*lls to turn your back on the 'high life', and concentrate on your home and family.

But I miss the darn guy. I've had a few low points lately. So, I got out some of his early stuff and played it again (and again)- to remind myself why I got to really luv this guy, and got into his stuff in the first place.

What a great singer he is, and what great sentiments he expresses in his lyrics. The quality of the music is astonishing, perfect songs - and with some of the best 'outroes' in the business :-)

Anyway, enough rambling. I wish he'd do some more stuff - all that talent not doing anything is a terrible waste.

Personally, I thought the Chris Gaines album was pretty cool - but what I'd love to hear is a 'back to basics' album, with Garth going 'un-plugged' and just singing and playing away on acoustic. I heard that Garth once played kinda unannounced at the Bluebird Cafe. Wish I'd been there for that!

Regards from the Uk