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Thread: Where is......

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    Where is......

    The TV section? I'm sorry to have posted it like this but where did it go? I know he has something coming up in June.........

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    Hi Tricia,

    We've done a little housekeeping at PG. The TV and Album Review Forums have been merged into the Main Forum. They weren't getting much activity, and people were missing some of the TV posts. Those forums were originally broken out of the Main Forum when there was a lot of activity, but now that it has slowed down considerably, it didn't make sense to keep them.


    I went looking for the thread that was in the TV Forum so I could give you a link but couldn't find it. I guess the housekeeping is not quite finished yet. The link to the article here on PG is http://www.planetgarth.com/news/article.php?cid=01017

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    Yep, I think sticking it all in one forum makes more sense, especially now since Garth really isn't doing much .

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