I wasn't sure whether to post this here or at GarthTV, but here goes:<P>I e-mailed VH-1 about the debut of Lost In You, but have gotten no response. I checked the TV guide for Aug 2, and here's what I came up with for possible times the video will be shown: (all times EST)<P>3-6am - videos<BR>6-7am - videos<BR>9-9:30am - videos<BR>9:30-10am - pop-up videos(don't know what that means)<BR>2-4pm - videos<BR>4:30-5pm - pop-up videos<P>The rest of the day is programmed with other stuff, so these should be the only possible times to see the Lost In You video. I'm going to set my VCR for all of these times, plus try to watch when I can. If I hear anything more specific from VH-1, I'll let you all know. Hope this helps,<P>Kerry<P>PS - Don't forget that at 9pm EST on TNN there's supposed to be Garth and Trisha on Prime Time Country.<BR>N